Tool engineering and manufacturing

Downhole logging tools

AKM-38-120/60 is the compact combination production logging toolstring, which is intended to determine operational characteristics of reservoir, inflow and loss intervals and monitoring of well integrity.

The toolstring consists of main module AKM-38 and additional modules connected to the main one, depending on the objective. Scope of modules: AKM-MRI-38 – resistivity meter module, AKM-MRN-38 – bottom flowmeter module (spring-loaded cage), AKM-MRNm-38 – bottom flowmeter module (inline).

Measured parameters

Channel nameAbbreviationRangeAccuracyResolution
Electrical conductivity, mS/cmUEP0,02…50±4%0,002
Temperature, °СT-10…+120±0,80,004
Pressure, MPaMN0…100±0,20,002
Watercut, %VLG0…1000,004
Collar locator, signal/noiseLM>5/1
Inflow thermal indication, m3/hSTI0,1…100,004
gamma ray equivalent dose, µR/hGK1…250±10%0,01
Flowrate, m3/h — in 5″ pipeQ0,5…60±4%0,01

The tool can be used with dedicated surface recorder and with VULKAN and other logging recorders.

SRVD-45 is the downhole resistivity moisture pressure logging tool, which is intended to monitor swabbing process and run inhole on logging wireline together swabbing tool. The tool records the following parameters: pressure, water content, electrical conductivity. Size – 45 mm.

Measured parameters

Pressure, MPa0…60±0,3%
Watercut, %0…100
Electrical conductivity, mS/cm0,01…50±5,0%

Downhole inclinometry tool IS  is intended continuous measurement of tool deviation, tool azimuth, and relative bearing with simultaneous recording of natural background gamma-ray spectrum to correlate data to well log.

Size range:

Measured parameters

1. Spatial
– tool deviation0 – 180°
– tool azimuth0 – 360°
– relative bearing0 – 360°
2. Physical properties
– natural background gamma-ray (quality parameter)0 – 32000 units

Measurement error

1. Intrinsic error of tool deviation measurement from 0 to 180°, max±0.25° (±15’)
2. Intrinsic error of tool azimuth measurement from 0° to 360°, max, — at inclination angle from 1 to 3° — at inclination angle from 3 to 120°±3° ±1.5° (±1°30’)
3. Intrinsic error of relative bearing measurement from 0° to 360°, max±3°

Self-contained digital pressure and temperature gauge ACM-8 is used to support and record swabbing, formation testing, perforation and other types of well works requiring pressure and temperature monitoring. Continuous recording time is from 4 months to one year.

Use of specially developed recording algorithms, enable the tool to record data at a high speed (up to 4000 counts per second). Continuous recording time in this mode can be several days.

Tool connection for perforating.

ACM-8 tool is connected to wireline above perforating gun using special clamps designed by OOO UNGF, which allow for reducing outer diameter of toolstring to 48mm.

ACM-8B design version has technical features similar to the ACM-8 tool but can be used at higher temperatures up to 130 ºС. This is due to the use high-temperature lithium-thionyl chloride (Li/SOCl2) primary-cell batteries. The battery is installed in a special container and can be easily replaced even in the field conditions.

Self-contained digital pressure and temperature gauge ACM-9 differs from ACM-8 by significantly higher resolution capability (from 0,1 kPa) at maximum measured pressure 60 MPa. High resolution is achieved using 24-bit delta-sigma ADC and additional real-time signal filtering.

Standalone operation of ACM-9 tool is limited only by battery capacity and can reach 18 months at a 1-minute recording interval. In combination with high sensitivity, this allows for the most efficient use of the tool for long-term recording of downhole pressure changes (for example, during interference testing).

Sonic logging tool AK-73 is intended for measuring travel time of elastic waves through the formation in open-hole and cased-hole wells. Logging is performed within a single trip in target interval. The tool is designed for use with the Vulkan computer recording station. An armored three-core logging cable KG3*0,75-60-150 is used for communication between the tool and recording station.


Measured parameters and specificationParameter value
Measured parameters
Range of conversion of elastic wave slowness into time delay difference of electrical pulses, ms/ m Relative intrinsic error, %from 120 to 600 3
Range of conversion of elastic wave attenuation with respect to electrical pulse amplitudes, dB/m Absolute intrinsic error, dB/m: in the range from 3 to 15 dB/m in the range from 15 to 30 dB/mfrom 3 to 30   ± 1,5 ± 3,0
Sonde designI(1,0)P1(0,5)P2
Total length, mm (with top and bottom centralizer),4000 2250
Maximum diameter (w/o centralizers), mm73
Weight, kg, max60
Power voltage, Vplus 135 ± 10%
Current, A, max.0.5
Ambient temperature range, °Cfrom 0 to 120
Maximum hydrostatic pressure, MPa60
Logging speed, m/h, max.1200
Wellbore locationCentralized