Students from Ural State Mining University successfully undergo practical and pre-graduate training in seismic team of Udmurtneftegeofizika

Seismic acquisition is the specialist area of the students. Pre-graduates and future specialists have the opportunity to use modern field geophysical equipment and software for processing geophysical data during practical and pre-graduate training.

Company’s mentor is assigned to each trainee to share hands-on expertise, provide performance feedback indicating level of theoretical and practical knowledge, workplace discipline, welfare activities.

After successfully completing the traineeship and receiving good feedback, students have the opportunity to become part of our friendly team of professionals of Udmurtneftegeofizika with official employment.

Year 2023 results
Udmurtneftegeofizika develops compact control station
Despite the challenging working environment in 2022, Udmurtneftegeofizika managed to decently complete with performance targets, complete works under signed contracts.