Udmurtneftegeofizika develops compact control station

Udmurtneftegeofizika pays great attention to preservation of forests and aims at minimizing cut down of trees during surveying. For implementation of one of the projects, employees of our company have developed a compact control station for installing of wireless seismic station, which allows for surveys without tree cutting. A mini-seismic station is small and easy to transport, which makes it convenient for use in heavy-going area, and caterpillar track reduces pressure on ground and allows for operation on low-bearing soils. Use of Wireless Seismic equipment enables the station to operate without wires and cables for communication of station’s recording units, which greatly simplifies installation and operation process.

Year 2023 results
Students from Ural State Mining University successfully undergo practical and pre-graduate training in seismic team of Udmurtneftegeofizika
Despite the challenging working environment in 2022, Udmurtneftegeofizika managed to decently complete with performance targets, complete works under signed contracts.