Udmurtgeologia company was founded in 1945 in Udmurtia to confirm commercial oil deposits in the mouth of the Izh river.


On January 1, 1978, a well logging team, which has been operating in Udmurtia since the late 1950s, became part of Udmurt exploration drilling group of companies. On March 1, 1979 a decision was made to reorganize the well logging team into Izhevsk geophysical surveying company under the leadership of Lyudmila E. Filippova.


By year 1979, four geophysical teams were created as part of Udmurt geophysical surveying company, which started their operations in Udmurtia, Kirov Region, north of Tyumen Region and in Kazakhstan. To improve quality and efficiency of geological and geophysical surveys, production geophysics team of Udmurt geophysical surveying company was reorganized into Izhevsk geophysical surveying company in 1979 and became a part of Udmurtgeology company.


For twenty years the company has been performing oil and gas prospection and exploration surveys in Udmurtia and north of Tyumen Region. Six oil, gas and gas condensate fields were discovered in Pur district of Yamal-Nenets Area, Tyumen Region; over 650 million toe of incremental crude hydrocarbons reserves were booked.


Lyudmila E. Filippova, the first leader of geophysical surveying company, put a lot of efforts and energy into creation of the geophysical surveying company. Pavel B. Schweitzer has been a successful leader of the company until 2004 in a market-driven economy environment featured by the requirements to up-to-date processes and technologies.

The company has grown in August 2004 when a new management took charge. OOO Udmurtneftegeofizika was established on the basis of Udmurt geophysical surveying company and Izhevsk geophysical surveying company, which has gained a reputation of trusted and sustainable company with high technical and intellectual capabilities.


Change in company’s senior leadership in October 2013 became a totally new stage in company’s history. Vast experience, team spirit and focus on competent personnel enabled the company to expand business footprint, prove itself as a trusted partner and aim at new challenges of oilfield services market.

Company today

Udmurtneftegeofizika geophysical service company is amongst large and dynamically developing companies. Udmurtneftegeofizika uses up-to-date equipment and systems to develop advanced technologies and ensure high quality level of seismic and well logging surveys for socially important and petroleum projects.