Drilling support

Measurement while drilling (MWD)

MWD is the essential part of present-day drilling. For many years directional drilling is the main type of onshore and offshore drilling. Development of directional drilling toughens the requirements for accuracy of well path and its position in three-dimensional space. This raises the need of ensuring effective control of 3D position of wellbore. MWD tools allow for receiving directional survey data (steering turn location, inclination, azimuth) and additional parameters for monitoring during drilling. This results in high-quality and fast drilling of wells.

Scope of services:

MWD systems:

Operation concept of MWD electromagnetic communication channel:

Signal comes from a source located in MWD tool under diamagnetic separator that isolates drill string. Electromagnetic radiation is transmitted through rocks to grounding antenna, and then received by the signal processing system and computer

Example of displaying MWD intermediate results

Orientation of whipstock for sidetracking