Exploration geophysics

Design and support of seismic acquisition

Design of seismic acquisition in demanding areas must consider health, safety and economic security requirements and must be based on detailed, accurate and up-to-date geospatial data. High-resolution satellite images are used as such a basis.

Near real-time analysis of geological, geophysical and geoseismic data for exploration areas allows for planning of seismic acquisition and quality control during surveying.

Implementation of proposed works will give the following benefits for upstream sector:

1. Identify priority acquisition areas within license blocks.
2. Define optimal size of 3D acquisition areas.
3. Recommend seismic acquisition duration and season.
4. Recommend several options of seismic acquisition.
5. Estimate cost of planned seismic acquisition.

Seismic acquisition is designed based on the geological project task issued by Client. Available data is used to describe geological and geophysical maturity level, stratigraphy, tectonics and oil-bearing capacity of the area. Methodology and process parameters for the area are evaluated.

Udmurtneftegeofizika specialists design seismic acquisition using modern software from the world’s best developers.

Selection of optimal acquisition method and system during seismic acquisition design is the basis for successful execution of surveying and addressing of geological tasks.