Exploration geophysics

2D/3D CDP seismic acquisition

Reflection CDP technique is a main seismic acquisition method based on multifold recording and further stacking of seismic wave signals reflected at different angles from the same local area of seismic boundary in the Earth’s crust.

Seismic teams of Udmurtneftegeofizika are equipped with specialist equipment including Sercel 428 XL, Sercel 408 and Progress-T3 land cable seismic acquisition systems and Wireless Seismic RT-2 cableless seismic acquisition system. All teams consist of competent personnel capable of performing surveys according to the latest 2D and 3D techniques using both explosives and vibration as seismic sources, as well as seismic acquisition in transition areas using conventional recording to single receiving array.

The latest processing software of world’s top companies, along with the latest developments of Russian software developers enable the company to effectively use hardware and obtain seismic data with high resolution and optimal signal-to-noise ratio for addressing exploration tasks in thin-layer structures.