Well logging

Mud logging

Mud logging service is aimed at information support of well construction process at oil and gas fields and includes:

Addressed objectives

Process surveys:

Geological and geochemical surveys and mud logging:

Remote drilling monitoring:

Mud logging is performed using Geotest-5 mud logging stations equipped with the Leuza drilling process monitoring system. Mud logging station is normally a chassis trailer based and includes:

Operator workstation (several computers connected to a LAN. Relevant office machines. Connection to computers of toolpusher and supervisor. Wire/wireless connection to workstations of drilling team, service companies, and supervisor. Hardware and software for data transmission from drilling rig);

Process module (for collecting, recording, visualization and monitoring of drilling parameters. It includes rig-mounted remote equipment), including:

Mud logging module (for recording, monitoring and study of gas content in drilling fluid) includes:

Geological module (for studying and recording cuttings, core and formation fluid data. It is equipped with exhaust hood and heated wash sink) including:

Rubin chromatograph

Function: Rapid analysis of saturated hydrocarbons content in gas mixtures;


Rubin chromatograph specifications

Analyzed hydrocarbon componentsСН4 — С6Н14 and higher
Detector typeFID
Propane sensitivity, %No less than 1×10-5
Upper limit of measured concentrations, %100
Analysis cycle duration, sMax. 120
Carrier gasAir
Carrier gas pressure, atm3.0
Startup time, minMax. 20
Voltage/frequency, V/Hz150-280/40-60
Power, kWMax. 0.4
Chromatograph weight, kg16
Dimensions, mm446 х 218 х 264

Driller’s panel

Function: Collection from sensors, monitoring and visual display of main drilling process parameters. Display of alarms and messages for driller during drilling.

Number of channels: — input analog signals: 22 — input discrete signals (TTL): 8 — output discrete signals (TTL): 8 — input/output signals (TTL): 5
ADC resolution: 12 bits
Input signal level: 0 – 5 V; 0 – 10 V
Panel to computer communication channel: — RS-485 (optic isolated) — Radio channel (433 MHz)
Power voltage: 150-260 V
Ambient temperature: (- 45) — (+50) °С
Dimensions 600 х 400 х 120 mm

Displayed parameters:

GeoData mud logging data processing software


GeoData software capabilities:

GeoData works with the following data:

Data format: Las-files, depth and time recording files